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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 18-Jan-2022Others Regarding notice of inviting quotation for supply of electrical material under ESC Ara Vide Letter No.36 Dated 12.01.2022
2 13-Jan-2022Others Sealed quotation invited for supply of materials for the repairing/reconditioning of current transformer vide Quotation no.-01 dated-13/01/2022
3 12-Jan-2022IT Cell Notice inviting Quotation for supply and installation of Industrial socket and Cable for IT Department, SBPDCL, Patna vide Quotation notice no.-21 dated-12/01/2022
4 10-Jan-2022Administration Regarding nomination of committee members for uploading the details of assets and liabilities of officers and workman vide O/o no.-28 dated-10/01/2022
5 10-Jan-2022Others Quotation invited for supply/ printing of various stationery items under ESC, Biharsharif ( Nalanda) vide Quotation no. -09 dated-10/01/2022
6 06-Jan-2022Others Notice inviting quotation for supply of urgent required materials at PESU(W) Circle,Patna vide letter no.- 1527 dated-31/12/21
7 06-Jan-2022Human Resource Corrigendum regarding notification no. 36 dated: 04.01.2022
8 05-Jan-2022Human Resource Regarding Guidelines Realated to Covid-19 Restrictions Order Copy By The Government Of Bihar Vide Memo No 49 Dated05.01.2022
9 04-Jan-2022Administration Notice regarding inspection as per Annexure-6 and Annexure-8 of Bihar Electricity Supply Code,2007 vide Memo No.-01 dated-04/01/2022
10 27-Dec-2021S&P Department NIT No.-24/PR/SBPDCL/2021, Tender Extension Notice vide Memo No.-1071 dated-27/12/2021
11 24-Dec-2021Administration Notice regarding training related to engineering trade vide Memo no.- 250 dated-24/12/2021
12 24-Dec-2021Administration Notice regarding training related to P.G. Diploma in Industrial Safety Management trade vide Memo no.- 251 dated-24/12/2021
13 24-Dec-2021Administration Notice regarding training related to ECE and CSE trade vide letter no.- 249 dated-24/12/2021
14 24-Dec-2021S&P Department Notice inviting Quotation for supply of materials for making of new 30 volt DC supplier cum Battery Charger vide Quotation no.-08 dated-24/12/2021
15 22-Dec-2021Human Resource Regarding additional charge vide Notification No.-840 dated-22/12/2021
16 20-Dec-2021Others Regarding dismissal of Sri Krishna Kumar, the then JEE , Badidargah, Biharsharif vide Resolution no.-344, Memo No. 345 dated 20.12.2021
17 20-Dec-2021Administration Regarding dismissal from service vide Resolution No. 340, Memo No. 341 dated 20.12.2021
18 17-Dec-2021Others Notice inviting Quotations for Printing of General Goods Stationary, Electric Supply Circle, Gaya vide Memo No.-2107 dated-17/11/2021
19 16-Dec-2021Administration Regarding administering the oath of prohibition to all the employees on the occasion of De-addiction Day on 26th November 2021
20 15-Dec-2021Others Regarding of corrigendum vide Memo NO.578 dated 14.12.2021

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