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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 09-Nov-2017Administration The Service of Assistant IT Managers, who have been provisionally appointed and whose services has been allotted to SBPDCL is regularized vide Office Order NO:1378 dated 09.11.2017
2 08-Nov-2017S&P Department Sealed Quotation is invited for making of 30 V Battery charger for MRT Patna under SBPDCL vide Quatation no-01 dated 08.11.2017
3 08-Nov-2017S&P Department Sealed quotation is invited for Spares for 33 & 11 KV CT For MRT Patna under SBPDCL vide quotation no- 02 dated 08.11.2017
4 06-Nov-2017Commercial Department HT Agreement Form
5 06-Nov-2017Commercial Department LT Agreement Form
6 20-Oct-2017Commercial Department Implementation of providing electrical connection up to 150 KVA where ROW issue in SBPDCL vide Notification NO.1111 dated 20.10.2017
7 17-Oct-2017Administration MOM of Special REview meeting held under the chairmanship of CMD, BSPHCL on 17.10.2017 at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna to review the work carried out by M/s L&T Ltd. in SBPDCL & NBPDCL under DDG Project.
8 16-Oct-2017Administration Constitution of Control Room at Company HQ level to ensure uninterrupted power supply during Deepavali and Chhat Puja.
9 12-Oct-2017Administration Following Officers are deputed for pre-dispatch inspection for the works realted to DDUGJY, IPDS Mukhya Mantri Nischay Yojna etc. from 16.10.2017 to 15.11.2017 vide notification number 1544 dated 12.10.2017
10 12-Oct-2017Administration Joining acceptance of Sri Vikram Singh,Assistant IT Manager vide Notification No. 418 dated 12.10.2017
11 11-Oct-2017Administration Minutes of CMD Special Review meeting held under the Chairmanship of MD, NBPDCL on 04.10.2017 at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna to review the work carried out by M/s L & T Ltd. in SBPDCL & NBPDCL under DDG Project.
12 09-Oct-2017Administration Joining acceptance of Account Officer vide Notification No. 410 dated 09.10.2017
13 09-Oct-2017Administration Joining acceptance of JEEs vide Notification No. 412 dated 09.10.2017
14 09-Oct-2017Administration Regarding Withdrawal of Cancellation of vendor approval of M/s. Marudhar Ceramics, Bikaner for procurement of 11 KV pin insulator vide O/O No. 90 dated 09.10.2017
15 28-Sep-2017Administration Mrs. Sharda Kumari,JEE (Rev.), ESSD Ramkrishna nagar (Kankerbagh II) who Placed under suspension vide O/o No. 1266 dt: 28.09.17
16 27-Sep-2017Administration Quotation is invited of Materials for Transformer repairing Workshops at Patna & Phulwarishraif , SBPDCL, vide T.S/QUO/02/2017/SBPDCL, dated 27.09.2017
17 27-Sep-2017Administration MOM of Review Meeting of "Mukhyamantri Vidhyut Sambandh Nishchay Yojna" Chaired by CMD BSPHCL dated 13.09.2017
18 26-Sep-2017Project-I MOM of special review meeting held under the Chairmanship of CMD, BSPHCL on dated 13.09.2017 at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna to review the work carried out by M/s L&T Ltd. in SBPDCL and NBPDCL under DDG Project.
19 26-Sep-2017Project-I Approval of GTP & Drawing of 200 KVA distribution transformer of M/s Shirdi Sai Electricals Ltd., Kadapa under IPDS.
20 25-Sep-2017Administration Sri Praveen Kumar, the then JEE, ESS Warisligang who was suspended vide O/o No. 542 dt: 27.04.17 is released from suspension in interest of work & shortage of JEE with immediate effect vide O/o No. 1234 dt:-25.09.17.