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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 13-Dec-2017Administration Transfer & Posting of AEEs with additional charge of EEE, APL Project, vide Notification No 2005-2011 Dated 13-12-2017
2 12-Dec-2017Administration The following Officers are deputed vide Notification no :1977 dated 12.12.2017
3 12-Dec-2017Administration The following Officers are deputed from 18.12.2017 to 28.12.2017 vide Notification no :1979 dated 12.12.2017
4 08-Dec-2017Administration Transfer posting of AEEs vide Notification no 1949 & 1950 vide dated- 08/12/2017
5 08-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and posting of Sri Ajay Kumar Singh, SBO vide Office order no. 1484 dated- 08/12/2017
6 08-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and Posting of AEEs vide Notification Number 1949 dated 08.12.2017
7 07-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and Posting of ITM vide Notification Number 383 dated 07.12.2017
8 02-Dec-2017Administration Corrigendum regarding notification no 784 dt. 1-12-17
9 02-Dec-2017Administration Transfer posting of JEEs vide Notification No 787 dt 02.12.17
10 02-Dec-2017Administration Transfer posting of JEs -Civil (BSPHCL) vide Notification No 376 & 377 dt 02.12.17
11 01-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and Posting of JEEs vide Notification Number 781 dated 01.12.2017
12 01-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and Posting of AEEs, JEEs and AITM vide Notification Number 1907-1917 dated 01.12.2017
13 01-Dec-2017Administration Transfer and posting of workmen vide office order no. 1452 dated:-01.12.17
14 01-Dec-2017Administration Transfer posting of JEES vide Notification No 784 dt 01.12.17
15 28-Nov-2017Administration Regularization of peroid 07.08.17 to 22.09.17 of Sri Chandan Kumar, AEE(REv.) Sherghati vide Office order No: 1436 dated 28.11.2017
16 27-Nov-2017Administration Transfer and posting of EEE & AO vide notification number 1856-1858 dated 27.11.2017.
17 27-Nov-2017Administration Smt. Rashmi Rekha, JEE, TRW, Bhagalpur is allowed to Look after the work of JEE, ESS, Tilka Manjhi (Bhagalpur) in addition to her own duties vide notification no. 1860, dated 27.11.17.
18 25-Nov-2017Administration Transferred & Posted of AEEs/ITMs/ JEEs/AITMs at their new place of posting in light of termination of franchisee agreement of ESD- Bhagalpur (U) vide Office Order No -1191 Dt. 25/11/2017 of the SBPDCL, Patna
19 25-Nov-2017Administration Transfer order vide Notification No-1425 Dt. 25_11_17
20 15-Nov-2017Administration Md. Najmus Shaquib, AEE Revenue Cell, SBPDCL and Miss. Shradhanjali Kumari, AITM, HT Cell, SBPDCL are allowed to look after to RLSS Scheme with Immediate effect in addition to his own duties vide Notifica