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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 20-Feb-2018Administration Contract Period of Sri K.N. Prasad, Retired Chief Engineer (Civil) is further extended for another one year vide Notification No: 89 dated 20.02.2018
2 13-Feb-2018Administration Sri Nagdeo, JEE (Civil), ESD, Banka is allowed to look after the work JEE (Civil), ESD, Bhagalpur (Urban) is addition to his own duties.
3 12-Feb-2018Administration Punishment of Sri Amit Kumar, JEE, ESS, sahkund
4 09-Feb-2018Administration Punishment of Smt Kalyani Prasad, the then JEE, ESS, Naugachiya (Urban)
5 08-Feb-2018Project-I Debarment of M/s Supreme Infrastructure India Limited, Mumbai Vijeta Project and Infrastructures Limited, Ranchi for participating in future tenders of SBPDCL
6 07-Feb-2018Administration Sri Ambuj Kumar Himanshu , AEE ESSD Tekri(Gaya) is placed under Suspension vide office order No. 259 dated 07.02.2018
7 07-Feb-2018Administration Sri Suresh Kumar Sharma, DGM is assigned as Nodal Officer of SBPDCL for Training vide Office Order NO: 247 dated 07.02.2018
8 07-Feb-2018Administration Notice regarding opening of Price Part of Tender Notice NIT No.28/PR/SBPDCL/2017
9 03-Feb-2018Administration Review Meeting held under the Chairmanship of CMD, BSPHCL on 19.01.2018 at Vidyut Bhawan
10 01-Feb-2018Administration Following IVth Grade Employees Selected for five days Training Program from 05.02.2018 to 09.02.2018 vide Office Order No: 167 dated 25.01.2018
11 01-Feb-2018Administration Name of Newly Created Division & Sub-Division with Structure vide Office Order No: 203 dated 01.02.2018
12 01-Feb-2018Administration Following Posts are created in the existing Pay Scale as mentione Newly Created Divisions/Sub-Divisions vide Office Order No: 204 dated 01.02.2018
13 01-Feb-2018Administration Corrigendum: Partial Modification in Office Order No: 203 dated 01.02.2018
14 01-Feb-2018Administration Income Tax declaration form for FY 2017-18
15 31-Jan-2018Administration Sri chandan Kumar NO-I, Assistant IT Manager, ESSD Bikramganj has ben allowed to look after the work of JEE(REV.) ESSD Bikramganj vide Notification No: 47 dated 31.01.2018
16 31-Jan-2018Administration Regarding Leave Utilization and Character Certificate of ITM, AO and Assistant IT Manager vide letter no 49 dated 31.01.2018
17 25-Jan-2018Administration Following IVth Grade Employees Selected for five days Training Program vide Office Order No: 167 dated 25.01.2018
18 20-Jan-2018Administration Certificate to be submitted by Pensioner/ Family Pensioner.
19 19-Jan-2018Administration Regarding e-Tendering process in SBPDCL
20 19-Jan-2018Administration Interest on all amount deposited by the applicant for new service connection will be payable at the admissible rate till the date of release of service connection where it could not be provided within one month