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Notice Board

Issue Year Department
List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 18-Mar-2019Administration O/o No. 1164 dated 18.03.2019
2 15-Mar-2019Administration Attachment of Sri Sachindra Kumar, Under Secretary, SBPDCL to CMD Cell, BSP(H)CL.
3 14-Mar-2019Administration Partial modification of O/o no 1123 dated 12.03.2019 vide O/o No. 1143 dated 14.03.2019
4 12-Mar-2019Administration Work distribution among DGM, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary as well as SO, OS, HC, Assistants etc. vide office order no. 1123, dated: 12.03.19
5 08-Mar-2019Administration Sri Raju Ranjan Diwedi, US, SBPDCL is nominated as Public information officer in absence of Sri Anand Kumar Das, DS vide O/o No. 1106 dated 08.03.2019
6 08-Mar-2019Administration Look after charge of Sr. Manager (F&A) vide notification no. 172-174 dated 08.03.2019
7 07-Mar-2019Administration Regarding information about restructuring O/o No. 1102 dated 07.03.2019
8 06-Mar-2019Administration Suspension vacate and posting of Sri Dilip Kumar Chaudhary, the then EEE, TRW Banka vide Office order no. 1088 dated 06.03.19
9 06-Mar-2019Administration O/o No. 1087 dated 06.03.2019
10 02-Mar-2019Administration URJA In-door Games Championship
11 26-Feb-2019O&M Department Regarding Pre Summer Maintenance work for 2019
12 19-Feb-2019Administration O/o No. 957 dated 16.02.2019
13 19-Feb-2019Administration O/o No. 958 dated 16.02.2019
14 15-Feb-2019Administration Office Order No. 947 dated 15.02.2019 regarding NIT No. 12/PR/SBPDCL/2019
15 14-Feb-2019Administration MOM held on 28.01.2019 for the work of Reconductoring / Re-strengthening of HT & LT lines.
16 14-Feb-2019Administration Office Order No. 07 dated 13.02.2019 regarding tender NIT No. 25-26/PR/SBPDCL/2019
17 13-Feb-2019Administration Inspection and Seizure Report Format.
18 12-Feb-2019Administration Transfer & posting of newly joined JLM & SBO-II vide O/o No. 863 dated 11.02.2019
19 08-Feb-2019Administration Regarding Training of Newly Joined JLM and SBO vide Letter No. 74 dated 08.02.2019
20 07-Feb-2019Administration sealed quotation is invited for TRW vide Quotation No. 01/BESC/2018-19