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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 23-Feb-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply/Printing With Papers of general items for office use under ,ESD, Rajauli vide Memo No 210-209-208 Dated 22.02.2024
2 23-Feb-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No.41 Dated 23.02.2024
3 23-Feb-2024Others Notice for inviting quotation to supply of Computer System vide memo No.214 dated 22.02.2024
4 22-Feb-2024Administration Regarding of vide Office Order No. 269 Dated 22.02.2024
5 21-Feb-2024Administration Additional Charge ,ESE, vide Notification No.154-155 dated 16.02.2024
6 21-Feb-2024Administration Regarding vide Memo No. 67 Dated 20.02.2024
7 20-Feb-2024Others Regarding Quotation no.11 vide Memo No. 187 dated 19.02.2024
8 20-Feb-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation of Connectors at PESU (W) Circle vide Memo No 300 Dated 19.04.2024
9 20-Feb-2024Others Notice No 40/23-24,Date 15.02.2024 has been Cancelled Due to Unavoidable Circumstances vide Memo No 299 Dated 19.02.2024
10 19-Feb-2024Others Notice for inviting quotation to supply of winter dress of Manav Bal vide memo No.171 dated 15.02.2024
11 19-Feb-2024Administration Regarding of vide Office Order No 240 dated 16.02.2024
12 16-Feb-2024Administration Released from Suspension Sri Nirmal Kumar ,thethen ,EEE,ESD,Nawada vide Office Order No 227 Dated 15.02.2024
13 16-Feb-2024Administration Suspension is Released Sri Abhishek Bhattacharya thathen ,JEE,ESS, vide Office Order No 228 Dated 15.02.2024
14 16-Feb-2024Others Regarding Notice inviting for urgent requirement of supply of following Material under ESD Munger, Vide Memo No.- 361 Dated- 15-02-2024
15 16-Feb-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation of Jointing Kit at PESU(W) Circle, Notice No.- 39/23-24, Vide Memo No.- 277 Dated 16-02-2024
16 16-Feb-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation of connector at PESU (W) Circle , Notice No.- 40/23-24, Vide Memo No. - 278 Dated- 15-02-2024
17 15-Feb-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation of connector at PESU (W) Circle , Notice No.- 38/23-24, Vide Memo No. - 268 Dated- 13-02-2024
18 09-Feb-2024Others Regarding Notice inviting quotation for supply of uniform at ESD, Sasaram, Notice No.- 1/23-24, Vide Memo No.- 359 Dated 08-03-2024
19 09-Feb-2024Administration Regarding convening of Bihar Badhan Parishad , Vide Office order No.- 204 Dated- 07-02-2024
20 09-Feb-2024Administration Punishment of Sri Nesar Ahmad thathen ,JEE, ESS, Pakribarawan, vide Resolution No.89 dated 05-02-2024