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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 24-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of JEEs vide notification no. 273-274 dt:- 24.05.17.
2 23-May-2017Administration Transfer posting of AEE & JEE
3 17-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of EEEs and AEEs vide notification no.733- 737, dated 17.05.17.
4 17-May-2017Administration Cancellation of Transfer and posting of EEEs and AEEs vide notification no.727- 731, dated 17.05.17.
5 15-May-2017Administration The Transfer order of Sri Abhishek Kumar Singh, AEE, ESD, Buxar (U) & Sri Deepak Kumar Chaudhary, AEE (Tech.), ESC, Bhagalpur is stayed for one month i.e. till 15.06.2017 vide notification no. 713 dated: 15.05.17.
6 13-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of EEEs, AEEs and JEEs vide notification no.692- 708, dated 13.05.17.
7 09-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of Accounts Officer vide Notification No. 149-150, dated 09.05.17.
8 09-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of Electrical Excuetive Engineer vide Notification No. 684-687, dated 09.05.17.
9 05-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of AEEs vide Notification No. 624-660, dated 05.05.17.
10 05-May-2017Administration Transfer and posting of EEEs vide Notification No. 607-622, dated 05.05.17.
11 29-Apr-2017Administration The Notification no. 569 dt. 26.04.17 through which Sri Lalit Kumar, AEE, was transferred at Electric Supply Sub Division , Nalanda is hereby ab-initio cancelled.
12 28-Apr-2017Administration Transfer and posting of Assistant IT Manager, vide notification no.- 137-141 dated 28.04.17.
13 26-Apr-2017Administration Posting of Sri Lalit Kumar, Assistant Electrical Engineer vide notification no.- 569 dated 26.04.2017
14 18-Apr-2017Administration Posting of newly appointed IT Managers (Internal) vide Notification No. 150 dated: 18.04.17.
15 18-Apr-2017Administration Modification in place of posting of newly appointed IT Managers(Intenal) vide Notification No. 152 dated 18-04-2017
16 18-Apr-2017Administration Transfer order of Miss Meenakshi Dayal, AEE, R-APDRP, Company Hqr. vide Notification No. 516 dt: 18.04.17
17 27-Mar-2017Administration Transfer order of Shri Anil Kumar vide Notification No.- 391 dated 27.03.2017
18 27-Mar-2017Administration Transfer and Posting of Sri Abhinash Kumar Singh, AITM, ESSD, Ara Urban- I vide Notification No. 102 dated:- 27.03.17
19 27-Mar-2017Administration Modification in Transfer and Posting of Assistant IT Manager of Notification No.- 121 dated 25.03.2017
20 25-Mar-2017Administration Posting of newly appointed Assistant IT Managers against BSPHCL Emp. No. 05/2016