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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 11-Aug-2022Administration Notice regarding training related to Engineering trade vide Memo No.-211 dated-10/08/2022
2 04-Aug-2022Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No. 206 Dated 04.08.2022
3 04-Aug-2022Others Regarding corrigendum, vide memo no. 244 dated 04-08-2022
4 04-Aug-2022Others In Plant Training vide Memo No. 202 Dated 04.08.2022
5 03-Aug-2022Others Sealed quotations from reputed firms/agencies is hereby invited for Supply of Air Conditioner & Stabilizer at, ESC, Biharsharif (Nalanda), vide Memo No.1235 dated 03-08-2022
6 03-Aug-2022Administration Regarding Contract worker Service record, vide letter no. 239 Dated 02-08-2022
7 02-Aug-2022Others Invited from reputed, technically & financially sound experienced supplier manufacture for transformer repairing, Vide Quotation No. 08 Dated 02-08-2022
8 01-Aug-2022Others Due to unavoidable circumstances the NIT No. - 02/2022-2023, dated- 04-04-2022, vide Office order No. 49 Dated 01-08-2022
9 01-Aug-2022Others Punishment of Sri Aashish Kumar thathen ,AEE, ESC, Nawgachhiya, vide Resolution No.505 dated 01.08.2022
10 01-Aug-2022Others Regarding out of charge Sri Shatish Kumar thathen ,AEE, ESSD, Kankarbagh, vide Resolution No.517 dated 01.08.2022
11 01-Aug-2022Others Regarding out of charge Sri Ambesh Pratap Singh, JEE, ESD, Kankarbagh (East), vide Resolution No.515 dated 01.08.2022
12 01-Aug-2022Others Regarding out of charge Sri Birendra Singh thathen ,JEE, ESD, Fatuha, vide Resolution No.511 dated 01.08.2022
13 01-Aug-2022Others Punishment of Sri Sandeep Saurav, thathen AEE, ESSD, Bhusaula, vide Resolution No.519 dated 01.08.2022
14 01-Aug-2022Others Punishment of Sri Upendra Kumar, JAC, ESC, Jamui, vide Resolution No.503 dated 01.08.2022
15 01-Aug-2022Others Punishment of Sri Anil Kumar, vide Resolution No.509 dated 01.08.2022
16 01-Aug-2022Administration Regarding ACR report available, vide Memo no.136, dated: 01-08-2022
17 29-Jul-2022Others Regarding 1st ACP of Account Officers vide Memo No 218 Dated 28.07.2022
18 29-Jul-2022Others Regarding 1st ACP of Revenue Officers vide Memo No 219 Dated 28.07.2022
19 28-Jul-2022Administration Regarding Strategic Human Resources Practices in indian Power Sector vide Office Order No. 824 Dated 27.07.2022
20 28-Jul-2022Others Notice inviting quotation for supply of Air conditioner, Jamui vide Quotation Notice No.- 08/2022-23 Memo No.-294 dated-28/07/2022