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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 14-May-2019Administration Regularization of JE(Civil) vide Notification No. 1936 dated 13.05.2019
2 14-May-2019Administration Joining acceptance of JAC vide O/o No. 1415 dated 09.05.2019
3 14-May-2019Administration Joining acceptance of APO vide O/o No. 1416 dated 09.05.2019
4 14-May-2019Administration Joining acceptance of AITM vide O/o No. 1417 dated 09.05.2019
5 14-May-2019Administration Joining acceptance of Assistant vide O/o No. 1418 dated 09.05.2019
6 13-May-2019S&P Department Withdrawal of Office Order No. 1285 dated 20.08.2015 vide O/o No. 1419 dated 09.05.2019
7 13-May-2019S&P Department Withdrawal of Office Order No. 1286 dated 20.08.2015 vide O/o No. 1421 dated 09.05.2019
8 13-May-2019S&P Department Withdrawal of Office Order No. 822 dated 24.06.2015 vide O/o No. 1420 dated 09.05.2019
9 07-May-2019Administration Punishment of Sri Yuraj Kumar, the then JEE, ESD, Chenari /Shivsagar vide Resolution No. 96 dated 24.04.2019
10 07-May-2019Administration Punishment of Sri Ashok Kumar Mehta, the then EEE, ESD Sasaram vide Resolution No. 102 dated 25.04.2019
11 07-May-2019Administration Sri Rakesh Kumar Nirala, the then AEE, ESd, Gaya is release from allegation vide Resolution No. 107 dated 25.04.2019
12 07-May-2019Administration Sri Vijay Kumar Srivastava, ESE, ESD Gaya, is released from allegation vide Resolution No. 100 dated 25.04.2019
13 07-May-2019Administration Sri Rajesh Kumar the then AEE, ESSD, GAya is released from allegation from Resolution No. 109 dated 25.04.2019
14 07-May-2019Administration Sri Randhir Kumar Sinha, the then EEE, ESD, Gaya is released from allegation vide Resolution No. 98 dated 25.04.2019
15 25-Apr-2019Administration MOM M/s EESL, M/s EDF and others stake holders of smart metering projects held on date 17.04.2019.
16 17-Apr-2019Project-I Minutes of meeting held on 01.04.2019 for the work of Reconductoring/ RE-strengthening of HT & LT lines at Vidyut Bhawan.
17 12-Apr-2019Administration Debarment of M/s Louis Berger Group Inc. Gurgaon.
18 09-Apr-2019Administration Corrigendum of O/o No. 1164 dated 18.03.2019
19 09-Apr-2019Administration Dress allowance for SBPDCL Employee for IV th Grade vide O/o No. 1255 dated 06.04.2019
20 03-Apr-2019Administration Approval of Schedule of Rates