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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 15-Sep-2022Administration Sri Mritunjay Kumar, AEE, SCADA, DMS Project Operation Team, PESU, Patna deputed as AEE, RMR Cell, Company Hqr. Panta, Vide Notification No. 977 Dated 15-09-2022
2 02-Sep-2022Administration Transfer & posting of Sri Jyotish Ray (E09625) thethan Watchman , Vide O/o Office Order No.997 dated 01.09.2021
3 01-Sep-2022Administration Cancellation of Deputation of Nawal Kishor, IT Manager Munger ,Vide Notification No. 379 Dated 01-09-2022
4 30-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,Sri Vimal Kumar Dubey,Assistant ITM,ESSD,Pakri Barawan Vide Notification No.374 dated 30.08.2022
5 26-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,JEEs, Vide O/o Office Order No.883 - 892 dated 25.08.2021
6 25-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & Posting of Administrative Officer, vide Notification No.171 - 173 dated 24.08.2022
7 23-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,SBO, Vide O/o Office Order No.934 dated 23-08-2022
8 23-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of , Attendant, Vide O/o Office Order No.938 dated 23.08.2022
9 17-Aug-2022Administration Regarding transfer & posting of SBO-I, vide O/o Office Order No.901 Dated.16.08.2022
10 17-Aug-2022Others Regarding transfer & posting of vide Memo No.162 dated.16.08.2022
11 17-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of Vide Notification No.873 ,874, 875, 876 dated 17.08.2022
12 17-Aug-2022Administration Transfer & posting of , Sri Upendra Kumar (E09662), Thathen JAC, ESSD, Vide Office Order No. 904 Dated 17-08-2022
13 03-Aug-2022Others Cancellation of Posting Sri Manish Kumar Sinh (E07672) CC,ESSD,Aurangabad vide Ofice Order No.860 Dated 03.08.2022
14 28-Jul-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,EEE,JEE,& AITM Vide Notification No.818-819 -820-821 dated 28.07.2022
15 22-Jul-2022Administration Transfer & posting of Sri Manish Kumar (E14987), Assistant IT Manager, Vide Notification No.309 dated 22.07.2022
16 20-Jul-2022Human Resource Regarding transfer & posting of SBO-II, Trainee JLM vide O/o No.-795 Memo No.-421 dated-20/07/2022
17 05-Jul-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,SBO-II, Vide O/o Office Order No.741 Dated 05.07.2022
18 04-Jul-2022Administration Regarding transfer & posting of SBO-II vide Office Order no.-734 Memo no.- 356 dated-04/07/2022
19 04-Jul-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,EEEs,& AEEs,& JEE Vide O/o Notification No.733-743 Dated 04.07.2022
20 01-Jul-2022Administration Transfer & posting of ,Smt Manisha,EEE (Technical),ESC ,Bhagalpur Vide O/o Notification No.726 Dated 01.07.2022