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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 08-Mar-2021Others Regarding Selection of Private Security Agency for Supply of VideO/o Memo.33 Dated 05.03.2021
2 08-Mar-2021Others Regarding BSPHCL Patna VideO/o Office Order No.1055 Dated 23.12.2020 Memo No.170 Dated 05.03.2021
3 08-Mar-2021Others In Plant Training videO/o Memo No.55 dated 05.03.2021
4 08-Mar-2021Others Regarding Sealed Quotation Is Invited from Reputed,Technically supply of Lab,MRT Gaya Under SBPDCL Vide O/o Memo No.422 Dated 08.03.2021
5 04-Mar-2021Administration Cancellation of Punishment of Sri Akhlesh Kumar ,AEE, ESSD, Banka vide O/o No.183 dated 25.02.2021
6 04-Mar-2021Administration Cancellation of Punishment of Sri Manish Kumar Sahu ,AEE, ESSD, Amarpur vide O/o No.181 dated 25.02.2021
7 03-Mar-2021Administration Punishment of Sri sandeep patel the then JEE, ESS,Hilsa (U) vide Resolution No.81 dated 02.03.2021.
8 03-Mar-2021S&P Department Sealed Quotation is Invited from reputed,technically sound experienced vide O/o Q. No. 02 dated 02.03.2021
9 03-Mar-2021S&P Department Regarding cancellation Notice Of Quotation Notice No.01 Dated 01.01.2021
10 03-Mar-2021Commercial Department Response of Technical Validation
11 02-Mar-2021Administration Cancellation of Punishment of Sri Rajib Ranjan , JEE, ESS, Jahanabad vide O/o No.168 dated 22.02.2021
12 02-Mar-2021Administration Cancellation of Punishment of Sri Shiv Kumar ,AEE, ESSD, Rajgir vide O/o No.174 dated 22.02.2021
13 02-Mar-2021Administration Cancellation of Punishment of Sri Anil Kumar , EEE, ESD, Jahanabad vide O/o No.170 dated 22.02.2021
14 02-Mar-2021Others Sealed quotation is invited for TRW at Patna & Phulwarisharif under Technical Services, SBPDCL vide Quotation notice no. 05, dated 02.03.21
15 02-Mar-2021Others Cancellation notice of Quotation Notice No.- 01 dated- 01.03.2021 vide Memo no.-237 dated-02.03.2021
16 01-Mar-2021Human Resource Additional Charge of Sri Shashikant Shekhar,Executive Engineer(CIVIL), vide Memo No.115 dated 26.02.2021
17 01-Mar-2021Human Resource Regarding Additional Charge ,EEE,ESD vide Memo No.278 dated 01.03.2021
18 01-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide Office Order No.188 dated 22.02.2021
19 01-Mar-2021Others Regarding Of vide Office Order No.211 dated 26.02.2021
20 01-Mar-2021Others Quotation Notice 01 dated 01.03.2021, MRT Patna