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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 03-Jul-2020Administration Regarding Regular Pay Scale of JEEs vide Notification no. 341,365,366,368,372,370,dated 26.06.2020
2 02-Jul-2020S&P Department Sealed Quotation form Reputed,Technically & Financilly Sound Experienced Suppliers/ Manufacturer vide Q/No. 01 dated 01.07.2020
3 02-Jul-2020Administration Regarding of vide Office Order NO.591 dated 01.07.2020
4 01-Jul-2020Administration Regarding Regular Pay Scale of JEEs vide Notification no. 335 to 363 dated 24.06.2020
5 01-Jul-2020Administration Regarding punishment to Sri Surendra Kumar, The then EEE(Project), Munger vide Res. No 346 dated 18.06.2020
6 26-Jun-2020Administration Additional Charge of Sri Sanjay Kumar Vishwakarma ,Sec Officer, vide Office Order No. 577 dated 26.06.2020
7 25-Jun-2020Administration Regarding Regular Pay Scale of JE(Civil) vide Notification no. 189 dated 24.06.2020
8 23-Jun-2020Administration Notification for Regular Pay Of, JEE, vide Notification No. 299,317,319,321,303,301,307,297,305,315,325,323 dated 18.06.2020
9 23-Jun-2020Project-I Minutes of meeting chaired by MD, SBPDCL held on 10.06.20 for review of RE-DDUGJY Project 11th Plan Phase-II and 12th Plan in SBPDCL.
10 16-Jun-2020Administration Regarding Regular Pay Scale of JE(Civil) vide Notification no. 170 dated 16.06.2020
11 15-Jun-2020Administration Notification for Regular Pay Of Miss Rashmi Rani,(E-16262) AEE, BRGF, vide Notification no. 364 dated 11.06.2020
12 12-Jun-2020Administration Office Order to make Functional Of Newely MRT Divison Under SBPDCL
13 11-Jun-2020Project-I Online tendar for procrement of 11 kv outdoor vide 0/o memo no.1138 dated 10.06.2020
14 10-Jun-2020Others Regarding notice inviting quoatation for supply of urgent required materials at PESU (West) Circle, Patna vide notice no.- 01/2020-2021
15 10-Jun-2020Administration Regarding Work Conduct Certificate of newly recruited JEESs
16 08-Jun-2020Administration regarding Suspension of Shri Ritesh Kumar shrvastava(E13323) and allowance during the period vide O.o no- 505 dated- 08/06/2020
17 05-Jun-2020Administration Regarding vide Resolution No.83 dated 02.05.2020
18 05-Jun-2020Administration Regarding vide Resolution No.85 dated 04.05.2020
19 04-Jun-2020Administration Additional Charge of Sri Sumit Kumar Raj (E13678) ,JAC,ESD,New Capital Vide Office Order No.485 dated 04.06.2020
20 04-Jun-2020Others Regarding advance payment for Laptop/Tablet vide Office Order No. 529 dated 04.06.2020