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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 21-Mar-2023Administration Additional Charge of Sri Dilip Kumar Singh ,Chief Engineer(P-1),U, Hqr .vide Notification No.257 dated 20.03.2023
2 21-Mar-2023Administration Regarding being late for office, Vide Memo No. 111 Dated 21-03-2023
3 17-Mar-2023Others Sealed Quotation invited from reputed,technically sound experienced suppliers/manufacturer for urgent supply of cash locker for ESSD, Rajgir. vide Memo No.318 dated 16/03/2023.
4 16-Mar-2023Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Procurement of Spares of Transformer oil Fillter Machine )Model no SP /GV -SP/48)for T.R.V Gaya vide Memo No 247 Dated 14.03.2023
5 16-Mar-2023Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Procurement of Computer and Printer for Special Court(Electric) M.E.S.A Gaya vide Memo No 264 Dated 16.03.2023
6 13-Mar-2023Others Notice inviting quotation for 11 KV AB Cable St. Through Jointing Kit and 11KV AB Cable End Termination Kit under PESU (W) Circle, Vide Memo No. 481 Dated 13-03-2023
7 10-Mar-2023Administration Regarding Technical Services SBPDCL, Patna , Vide Office Order No. 358 Dated 10-03-2023
8 07-Mar-2023Others Invited from experienced, reputed, technically and financially sound suppliers/manufactures for supply of following materials for TRW, Vide Memo No. 135 Dated 07-03-2023
9 06-Mar-2023Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No. 79 Dated 06.03.2023
10 06-Mar-2023Administration Regarding Industrial/Internsip/Summer/Vocational vide Memo No 76 Dated 06.03.2023
11 06-Mar-2023Project-I Online tender is being invited by Chief Engineer, Project-I (Rural) for Turnkey Contract for Construction of One number 2x10 MVA, 33/11 KV PSS with associated 33 KV & 11 KV line and all associated work in Nawada District under ESC, Vide Memo No. 249 Dated 06-03-2023
12 03-Mar-2023Administration Control room duty for maintaining uninterrupted Power Supply on the occasion of Holi Festival vide O/o No. 332 dated 03.03.2023
13 03-Mar-2023Others Notice for extension of date for inviting quotation for supply of AIR CONDITIONER at PESU (W) Circle vide memo no. 427, dated : 03.03.2023
14 02-Mar-2023Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of urgent required materials AT PESU (East) Circle, Patna vide Memo No.267 Date 01.03.2023
15 02-Mar-2023Accounts Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) for Insurance Coverage of Assets And Properties of South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited.
16 02-Mar-2023Others Notice Inviting Quotation for urgent requirement of Supply of Following material Under Central Store Munger vide Memo No 446 Dated 02.03.2023
17 01-Mar-2023Administration Regarding appointment of Switch Board Operator-2 vide office order number 329 dated 01/03/2023
18 28-Feb-2023Others Sealed Quotation is invited from reputed,technically & financially sound experienced suppliers/manufacturers for supply of Heating chamber at TRW, Barun under technical services, SBPDCL. vide Memo No.90 dated 27/02/2023
19 28-Feb-2023Administration Regarding Photo Pasting of Employees Service Book vide Memo No.103 Dated 28.02.2023
20 28-Feb-2023Accounts Q3 Accounts for FY 2022-23