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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 17-Apr-2021Others Notice inviting quotation for supply of urgent required materials at PESU (E) circle, Patna vide memo no 420 dt 17.04.2021
2 16-Apr-2021Administration Regarding duties of various officers of SBPDCL for work of SLDC in case of leave of designated officers vide O.o. no 380 dt 16.04.2021
3 06-Apr-2021Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of Urgent Required Materials at PESU (WEST) Circle Patna vide Memo no. 478 dated 03.04.2021
4 06-Apr-2021Others Regarding Office Of The ,ESE,Electric Supply Circle,Gaya Vide O/o Memo No 422 Dated 08.03.2021
5 05-Apr-2021Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of Urgent Required Materials at PESU Area ,Patna vide Memo no. 756 dated 05.04.2021
6 05-Apr-2021Others In Plant Training vide O/o Memo No. 68 Dated 31.03.2021
7 01-Apr-2021Administration Cancellation of Deputation of Anand Kumar Sharma, IT Manager Lakhisarai from HQ SBPDCL ,Vide O/o Office Order No. 345 dated 31.03.2021
8 26-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide Memo NO.47 dated 25.03.2021
9 26-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide O/o Memo NO.49 dated 26.03.2021
10 26-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide O/o Memo NO.50 dated 26.03.2021
11 26-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide O/o Memo NO.51 dated 26.03.2021
12 26-Mar-2021Others Regarding of vide O/o Memo NO.48 dated 25.03.2021
13 25-Mar-2021Administration Regarding of vide Office Order NO.299 dated 23.03.2021
14 24-Mar-2021Others Regarding listing of agency for Catering Services and Furnishing services in Community Hall, BSPHCL Colony, New Punaichak, Patna vide Letter No. 04 dated 19.03.2021.
15 23-Mar-2021Administration Punishment of Sri Lalji Kumar JEE, ESS, Naubatpur vide Resolution No.105 dated 18.03.2021
16 19-Mar-2021Administration Punishment of Sri Anil Kumar the then JLM, ESS, Aliganj vide Office Order No.290 dated 18.03.2021
17 19-Mar-2021Administration Punishment of Sri Santosh Kumar, JEE, ESSD Rafiganj (U) vide Resolution No.98 dated 18-03-2021
18 19-Mar-2021Others Sealed quotation is invited from reputed, technically & Financially sound experienced Chartered Acountants firm for appointment as GST Consultants of SBPDCL for the period 01-04-2021 to 30-09-2021 vide Quotation No.- 01 dated. 18-03-2021
19 19-Mar-2021Administration Additional Charge of Md Sajid Ali,Chief Engineer (STF) Hqr vide Notification No.328 dated 19.03.2021
20 19-Mar-2021Administration Regarding suspension of Mrs. Sweeti Suman, JEE (Revenue), ESSD Wazirganj vide O/o No. 293 dated 19.03.2021