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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 12-Jun-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No 95 Dated 11/06/24
2 12-Jun-2024O&M Department Notice inviting Quotation for supply of urgent vide Memo No 483 dated 10.06.2024.
3 10-Jun-2024Others Notice inviting for urgent Requirement of Supply of Following Material Under Electric supply division, munger. vide Memo No 1140 Dated 06.06.2024
4 10-Jun-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of Urgent Required Materials AT ESD, KHAGAUL Patna vide Memo No 656 Dated 06.06.2024
5 10-Jun-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation Notice no. 04 vide Memo No 692 Dated 07.06.2024
6 10-Jun-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation Notice no. 03 vide Memo No 691 Dated 07.06.2024
7 07-Jun-2024Administration Regarding punishment of Sri Dayashnakar Ram, the then JEE ESS Chenari vide Resolution No.-145 & Memo No.-146 dated-27/05/2024
8 07-Jun-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No. 93 Dated 06.06.2024
9 06-Jun-2024O&M Department Notice inviting Quotation for supply of Black PVC Insulation Piercing Connector For 185 Sqmm LT Ab Cable For Line Maintenance of Various PSS Under Gulzarbagh Division.vide Memo No.464dated 03.06.2024
10 06-Jun-2024Administration Regarding suspension of Sri Sandip Kumar Gupta , AEE, Vide Memo No.374 Dated 27.05.2024
11 05-Jun-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No. 91 Dated 03.06.2024
12 04-Jun-2024Administration Selfie of SBPDCL voters
13 04-Jun-2024Others Notice inviting quotation Notice No.-1,2,3,4, Vide Memo No. - 711,712,713,714 dated- 04.06.2024
14 03-Jun-2024Administration Regarding online portal for providing cashless facility to employees of BSPHCL and its subsidiary companies vide Memo No-232 Dated-31.05.2024
15 03-Jun-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No.91 Dated 03.06.2024
16 31-May-2024Administration Regarding Ensuring Participation in Democracy vide Memo No 205 Dated 31.05.2024
17 30-May-2024Others INVITING QUOTATION FOR SUPPLY OF RAIN COAT vide Memo 614 Dated 28.05.2024
18 29-May-2024O&M Department Regarding Quotation invited from reputed technically sound experienced suppliers Memo No.535 Dated 24.05.2024
19 29-May-2024Accounts Publication of Limited Reviewed Financial Report for Qtr Ending on 31st March,24 ( Q-4 Accounts of FY 2023-24)
20 28-May-2024Administration In Plant Training vide Memo No.87 Dated 27.05.2024