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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 15-Jul-2024O&M Department Notice inviting quotation for supply of urgent required materials at PESU Area, Patna, Notice no.- 10/24-25 , Vide Memo No.- 1462 dated- 12-07-2024
2 15-Jul-2024Others Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of raincoat at Electric Supply Divison, New Capital Vide Notice No-08 Dated-15.07.2024
3 11-Jul-2024Civil NIT No.49/PR/SBPDCL/2024. Online e-Tender is invited by Chief Engineer (Civil), SBPDCL from eligible and experienced Agency/Firm/Company/State or Central Govt. Undertaking who have necessary experience.
4 11-Jul-2024Human Resource In Plant Training vide Memo No- 119 Dated 10/07/2024
5 11-Jul-2024Human Resource Regarding Office Order No-983 Vide Memo No-120 Dated-11.07.2024
6 10-Jul-2024Human Resource Punishment of Md. Nesar Ahmad, thathen ,JEE, ESS, Onama, Vide Resolution No.445 dated 04-07-2024
7 10-Jul-2024Human Resource Punishment of Sri Abhimanyu Kumar, thathen ,JEE (Rev.), ESSD, Sheikhpura, Vide Resolution No.460 dated 05-07-2024
8 10-Jul-2024Human Resource Punishment of Sri Rahul Kumar,AEE,ESSD, Barbigha, Vide Resulation No.447 dated 04-07-2024
9 10-Jul-2024Human Resource Punishment of Sri Kamdev Modak, thathen ,AEE, ESSD, Sheikhpura, Vide Resolution No.462 dated 05-07-2024
10 09-Jul-2024Others Invited by the office of the EEE, ESD, Jamui, Notice No.- 02/2024-25, Vide Memo No.- 656 Dated 08-07-2024
11 09-Jul-2024Administration Regarding Bihar Bidhan Assembly and Bihar bidhan Parisad, vide office Order No.- 956 Dated- 05-07-2024
12 09-Jul-2024Human Resource Regarding rescheduling of honorarium of Executive Assistant (Contract), Vide Memo No.- 235 Dated- 08-07-2024
13 08-Jul-2024Commercial FPPAS details for April'2024.
14 08-Jul-2024Commercial FPPAS details for March'2024
15 08-Jul-2024Others Notice of inviting quotation to supply of material at ESD, New Capital, Notice No.- 07, Vide Memo No.- 1566 Dated- 08-07-2024
16 08-Jul-2024Others Notice Inviting quotation for supply of urgent Required Materials for Central Store, Aurangabad under ESC, Aurangabad, Vide Memo No.863 Dated- 06-07-2024
17 05-Jul-2024Others Short Notice Inviting Quoatation for Supply of Required Materials at EEE, ESD, Patliputra, PESU (W) Patna, Vide quotation no.- 08, Memo No.- 829 Dated 04-07-2024
18 05-Jul-2024Others Notice Inviting quotation for PESU Area of urgent requirement of Stationary Items at GM-Cum-CE, PESU Area, patna, Notice No.-08/2024, Vide Memo No.- 1369 Dated- 02-07-2024
19 05-Jul-2024Others Notice No.- 05/24-25 Date 24-06-2024 has been cancelled due to non participation of agency, Notice No.- 07/2024, Vide Memo No.- 1368 Dated- 02-07-2024
20 05-Jul-2024Human Resource Regarding taking service of private security guard, Vide Memo No.- 193 Dated- 05-07-2024