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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 20-May-2022Human Resource Transfer & Posting of AEEs, RO, JEEs and AITM vide Notification No. 485 - 522 dated 20.05.2022
2 19-May-2022Human Resource Transfer & Posting of ADOs vide Notification No. 68 - 71 dated 18.05.2022
3 19-May-2022Human Resource Transfer & Posting of workmen vide Office order No. 467 dated 18.05.2022
4 18-May-2022Administration Re-assigning of Work of CEs for proper monitoring and smooth functioning of offices vide O/o No.-466 and Memo No.- 401 dated-18/05/2022
5 18-May-2022Human Resource Transfer & Posting of AEEs vide Notification No.402 - 436 dated 18.05.2022
6 18-May-2022Human Resource Transfer & Posting of JEEs vide Notification No. 438-482 dated 18.05.2022
7 13-May-2022Administration Transfer & posting of, Vide O/o Office Order NO.440 dated 13-05-2022
8 22-Apr-2022Administration Regarding posting of ,SBO ,Correspondence Clerk, & Attendant vide Office order No.367 dated 22.04.2022
9 05-Apr-2022Administration Regarding transfer and posting of Sri Umesh kumar bind,Senior Attendant, vide office order no. 327 dt. 05/04/2022
10 01-Apr-2022Administration Posting of Sri Vinay Kumar ,SBO, Arwal,ESD,vide O/o Office Order No.317 dated 31.03.2022
11 31-Mar-2022Administration Posting of Sri Niranjan Kumar ,SBO, Banka,ESD,vide O/o Office Order No.307 dated 30.03.2022
12 29-Mar-2022Administration Regarding Transfer & posting ,JLM&SBO, vide Office Order No. 287 dated 28.03.2022
13 29-Mar-2022Administration Transfer & posting ,(CC),ESS,Anisabad vide Offfice Order No. 291 dated 29.03.2022
14 25-Mar-2022Administration Posting of Sri Pankaj Kumar ,Watchman, ESSD,Banka ,vide O/o Office Order No.276 dated 25.03.2022
15 25-Mar-2022Administration Posting of Md Samir Khan ,JLM, Bhabua,(R),ESS, O/o Office Order No.271 dated 25.03.2022
16 23-Mar-2022Administration Regarding modification in Notification no.-254 dated-11/03/2022 vide Notification no.-282 dated-23/03/2022
17 14-Mar-2022Human Resource Transfer & posting of, JLM, videO/o Office Order NO.237 dated 11.03.2022
18 11-Mar-2022Administration Regarding transfer & posting of JEEs vide Notification no.-253 dated-11/03/2022
19 10-Mar-2022Administration Transfer of Sri Prashant Kumar, AEE,ESSD, Danapur Vide Notification No. 232 Dated 09.03.2022
20 08-Mar-2022Administration Transfer & posting of, SBO, vide O/o Office Order NO.218 dated 07.03.2022