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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 18-Jan-2019Administration Cancellation of NIT 53/PR/SBPDCL/2015 to 60/PR/SBPDCL/2015
2 14-Jan-2019Administration Punishment of sri Praveen Kumar, the then AEE, Biharsarif No-1, vide Resolution No. 66 dated 09.01.2019
3 14-Jan-2019Administration Sri Anil kumar the then EEE, ESD Arwal, Discharge from allegation vide Resolution No. 50 dated 09.01.2019
4 14-Jan-2019Administration Punishment of Sri Vijay Kumar, the then CC, ESSD, Biharsarif No-1, vide Resolution No. 68 dated 09.01.2019
5 11-Jan-2019Administration Sri Nandji Kumar, JEE, ESD, PIRO, suspended vide O/o No.45 dated 10.01.2019
6 11-Jan-2019Administration Additional charge of Sri Arvind Kumar, GM (Rev). vide Notification No. 24 dated 11.01.2019
7 05-Jan-2019Commercial Department SBPDCL Public Notice for REQUEST FOR COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS/OBJECTIONS for True-up for FY 2017-18, Annual Performance Review (APR) for FY 2018-19 and determination of Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) for control period of FY 2019-20 to FY 2021-22 and retail supply tariff for FY 2019-20.
8 04-Jan-2019Administration Folllwoing officers are deputed for PRAKSH UTSAW f vide Notification No. 3188 dated 31.12.2018
9 02-Jan-2019Administration Quotation Notice for LAN Cabling at SCADA Bhawan vide Quotation No. 01 dated 02.01.2019
10 21-Dec-2018Administration Sri Sahendra Kumar, the then AEE, Project(Contract), ESD, ARA, has ended his contract vide O/o No. 2264 dated 21.12.2018
11 21-Dec-2018Administration The execution of work of State Plan Schemes after award of work will now be headed by CE(Project-II) vide O/o No. 2260 dated 21.12.2018
12 21-Dec-2018Administration MD. Abbas , the then AEE(Contract) ,PESU has ended his contract vide O/o No. 2263 dated 21.12.2018
13 19-Dec-2018Administration Sri Sunil Kumar Das, the then EEE, ESD, Dakbunglow, descharge from Punishment vide O/o No. 2230 dated 19.12.2018
14 18-Dec-2018Administration Notice regarding URJA In-door Games Championship (2018)
15 18-Dec-2018Administration Quotation Notice for Scanner and Xerox Machine vide Quotation No. 07 dated 18.12.2018
16 18-Dec-2018Administration Regarding Review meeting for DDUGJY, IPDS, Re-conducting and Agriculture tube well connection under level of Electrical Superintending Engineer.
17 18-Dec-2018Administration Dedicated Team for Implementation of ISO 27001
18 18-Dec-2018Administration Notice regarding Dedicated Team for Implementation of ISO 27001
19 17-Dec-2018Administration Punishment of Sri Kumar Sundram, JEE, ESD, Bihta-II vide Resolution No. 3090 dated 17.12.2018
20 17-Dec-2018Administration Punishment of Sri Ranveer Kumar Singh, AEE, ESSD, Bihta, vide Resolution No. 3094 dated 17.12.2018